2 Signs Your Car's Frame Was Damaged During A Collision

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2 Signs Your Car's Frame Was Damaged During A Collision

22 March 2022
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After being involved in an accident where another vehicle hit your car, you will be able to see any damage to the exterior of the body. While scratches, dents, and other body damage are visible, you may not be able to readily detect problems with the frame.

Since the frame of your car gives the body its shape and structural integrity and is a key part of keeping your vehicle safe, any damage to the frame should be cause for concern and not ignored. Be on the lookout for the following signs that your car's frame was damaged during the collision and should be thoroughly inspected before you continue driving it.

1.  Car's Doors, Trunk, And/Or Hood Will Not Close Properly

One sign that points to potential damage to your car's frame is the inability to close the car's doors, trunk, and/or hood. You may find that you have to nudge it to one side to close it. Or, you may have to use extra force to get it to latch.

If the car's frame is bent, this issue can affect the symmetry of the entire body of the car. Because the body is no longer in alignment, the doors, hood, and trunk may not fit correctly when closed. 

2.  One or More Wheels Seem out of Alignment with the Car's Body

Another sign that you may find indicating that your car's body is bent is when one or more wheels seem out of alignment with the car's body. As you look down the side of the vehicle, the tires may appear to stick out.

If the side frame was bent during the collision, the wheels may no longer be in alignment with the rest of the vehicle. Not only will the extra drag and pressure cause your tires to wear down on one side faster, but you may also find it more difficult to steer and/or keep your car straight while driving.

Frame damage after a collision with another vehicle is always a possibility. If you notice that your car's doors, trunk, and/or hood will not close without having to reposition it or use force and/or one or more of the wheels are out of alignment, you should have your vehicle checked out. Because a damaged frame can greatly impact your car's structural integrity and safety, take your car to an automotive collision repair shop to have it inspected as soon as possible.