Keeping Your Paint Pristine

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Keeping Your Paint Pristine

If you are like most people who have paid for a custom auto paint job, you might assume that your new paint will stay looking great forever. Unfortunately, rock chips, bad car washes, and unfortunate car accidents can wreak havoc on an otherwise perfect paint job--leaving you with frustrating dents, dings, and scratches. I have owned several cars over the years, and I can tell you first hand how important it is to know how to take care of your paint. This blog discusses different ways you might be able to fend off trouble, so that you can stay proud of your car.

4 Body And Paint Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Truck Looking New And Reduce Wear

19 March 2019
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Keeping the body and paintwork of your truck looking like new is important to preserve its condition and reduce wear. There is some simple maintenance that you can do to preserve your paint and prevent damage to bodywork, such as regularly washing your truck, applying wax coatings, and touching up paint. The following body maintenance tips will help preserve the exterior of your truck for years to come: 1. Routine Washing to Reduce Wear of Parts and Preserve Paint   Read More …

5 Tips For Logging Your Fleet Maintenance Efforts For More Effective Schedules

29 August 2017
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Understanding the unique challenges faced by your fleet of vehicles is easier than you think when you add logging to your routine. Keeping track of key details, such as the frequency of unexpected mechanical issues, can help you adjust your maintenance schedule to save money while avoiding unfortunate downtime. No matter what kind of fleet you're managing and maintaining, these five tips will help you log their details successfully and without creating a lot of extra work. Read More …

Before You Try to Get a New Top, Read This: Convertible Tops Have Three Different Styles

26 August 2016
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Convertibles (the cars, that is) are often sought after for their prestige as well as the fun of having the wind whip through your hair while the top is down or off. If you have acquired a convertible that did not come with its original top, and you would like to replace it, you should be aware that there is more than one kind of convertible top. To get the correct one, read the following and then visit your auto body and paint shop to have them track down a new top. Read More …

Automobile Dent Removal: 3 Effective Tactics

24 June 2016
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Automobile dents have a way of happening to all drivers, regardless of how cautious a driver they happen to be. Fortunately, you may not need to involve the services of a professional body shop to eliminate a dent. If you would like to learn more about tackling this common problem on your own, read on. This article will introduce three tactics for getting rid of that dent. Suction the dent out using a plunger. Read More …

Three Ways To Strip Paint From Your Auto Body Panels

20 April 2016
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If your car was in an accident and you've decided to tackle the repairs on your own, one of the things you'll have to do is strip paint in the affected area. When it comes to paint removal, there's no single approach that's right for every situation. You'll have to evaluate each of your choices to determine which one is the best fit for the condition that your car is in. Read More …