Understanding Frame Damage After A Car Accident

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Understanding Frame Damage After A Car Accident

3 September 2021
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The frame of a vehicle is what keeps all of the parts together. It can be viewed similarly to the foundation of a home. A damaged frame cannot properly support the other parts of a vehicle. There are a number of consequences to driving a vehicle with a damaged frame. Premature tire wear, leaky windows, awkward driving patterns, and an increased chance of having an accident are all potential consequences. This is a point to note because most frame damage occurs due to collisions. The following points are things you might notice if your vehicle has frame damage. A collision center can determine the extent of the damages. 

Alignment Issue

If a vehicle is in seemingly decent enough condition to drive from the scene of an accident, drivers are usually allowed to decide on whether or not to request a tow. It may not be immediately evident that an issue such as a bent frame exists. Misalignment is one of the hidden frame damages that often occur in minor car accidents. A collision center can check wheel alignment and make a determination if there are alignment issues.

Tilted Frame

This might be mistaken as an alignment issue for untrained individuals. However, it is damage that collision centers regularly see. It presents itself as tilting to one side. When operating or parking the vehicle, the shifting to one side is evident. It will be nearly impossible to park straight.

Parts Pulling Away

Everyone should know what a vehicle that has not been involved in an accident looks like on the exterior. Crucial areas such as doors, the trunk, and the hood close effortlessly and appear seamless. Any signs of difficulty closing doors, the trunk, or the hood are signs that there is frame damage. Sometimes the damage is easily identified when there are gaps between parts that do not allow them to close with a firm seal. Sometimes these damaged portions may not open or close at all. 

Vehicles that sustain more than a few scratches or scrapes from an accident need to be inspected by a collision center. Many drivers assume that a fender bender cannot do much damage. However, there are a number of seemingly minor accidents that can cause thousands of dollars of hidden damage. Drivers should also avoid using how they feel after an accident to gauge the damages to their vehicles. It is possible to have significant damage from an accident and not get physical injuries.