Options For Vehicle Hail Damage Repair

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Options For Vehicle Hail Damage Repair

6 January 2021
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Hailstorms can cause significant damage to vehicles. This unique type of auto body damage may or may not be covered by insurance. This is why some vehicle owners experience frustration and assume that there is not an easy fix for the damage. Some vehicle hail damage is minor, but there are instances where the damage is evident. They can diminish the appearance of vehicles. There are various vehicle hail damage repair options. The best option depends on the extent of the damage. The following points represent a few options to repair this type of vehicle damage.

Dent Removal and Paint

This option involves removing the dents with specialized equipment. After a series of suctioning the dents from vehicles and priming the surfaces, the damaged area(s) get painted. Paint matching can be done, but some professionals may recommend getting the entire vehicle repainted to ensure that vehicles look flawless. This option is more labor-intensive than some other options for vehicle hail damage repair. This option requires an in-house shop. Vehicles might need to remain at the chosen shop for a number of days because of the processes involved. 

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is ideal for a number of reasons. It is highly favored when it comes to vehicle hail damage repairs. Individuals who have to pay for their repairs out-of-pocket will appreciate that it is a cost-friendly option. It can be done in an auto body shop, or it can also be done by a mobile vehicle hail damage repair technician. There is no need to paint, which results in savings. Individuals also do not have to wait for their vehicles to be returned to them. This option can be done with a quick turnaround, and the results make vehicles appear as if hail damage never occurred. Vehicles that get repainted may lose their value. Since there is not a repaint involved in paintless dent repair, the value of said vehicles usually will not be affected. 

An auto body shop is a good resource to use to determine the best approach to repairing a vehicle that has hail damage. They can inspect and offer quotes. Their services are better than do-it-yourself techniques because they are professionals who know the best approaches to repair vehicles. Most do-it-yourself options involve the use of kits that can make hail damage worse. There are risks associated with those kits such as damage to auto paint. Individuals who are insured should only choose professionals because they might cause damage that will not be covered by their insurance.