Is Paintless Dent Repair Worth It?

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Is Paintless Dent Repair Worth It?

19 March 2020
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Have you ever seen ads for paintless dent repair? You might think to yourself, how do they do that? Well, paintless dent repair is actually a complicated process, and it doesn't work for all types of collision repairs. Paintless dent repair works best when there is no major paint damage to the dented area. So, it usually works best on smaller dents. This article looks are how paintless dent repair works and why you should consider it for your car.

How it Works

Modern paintless dent repair specialists typically use very advanced computers to perfect their repairs. That is, they have a special computer equipped with custom software. Utilizing lasers that can map the contours of your car, the specialists will be able to restore the surface to its original shape. This is a very precise and specialized process. They then use special suction cup tools to pull the dent out of the metal. The process requires several steps, and the work is very detailed. It requires a mixture of computerized and handheld processes.

Why Should You Pay More For Dentless Repair?

Usually, paintless dent repairs will cost more than if you just take your damaged car to a traditional auto repair shop. Most auto repair shops will use much more primitive techniques and tools to fix your dents. Body fillers, paints, and sealants are often used. The problem is that as soon as you use body filler on your car, the value of the car is lowered. Even worse is the fact that the patched and repaired area might be visible. Even an expert repair technician will probably struggle to make the new repair blend in perfectly with the texture and paint of the existing surface.

If you are hoping to resell your car in the future, you should consider paying a little extra for a paintless repair. You may easily earn that money back when it comes time to sell your car. Of course, not all dents are going to be fixable using paintless techniques. Your best bet is to take your car into a paintless dent repair specialist and a traditional body repair technician. Once you get quotes from both, you can make your decision. Just remember that your paintless repair will end up looking better and lasting longer in the end, so it might be worth it even if you don't plan on selling your car.

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