Getting An Estimate For Car Body Repair? Three Things That Should Always Be Included On The Estimate

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Getting An Estimate For Car Body Repair? Three Things That Should Always Be Included On The Estimate

8 October 2019
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If your vehicle has been in a collision, it is always recommended that you obtain an estimate for car body repair from a few auto body repair shops. If you have never had an estimate done before, you may be unsure of what should be included in the estimate. Here are three key things that should always be included in the estimate and why it is important that it is. 

The Type of Work That Is Being Completed

One of the most important factors that should be listed on an estimate for car body repair is the exact type of repairs that are being completed. The repair should not just list collision damage or repair. It should state things like replacing the bumper, replacing the left headlight, pounding a dent out of the driver's side door panel, and/or painting the entire auto or touch-up painting. Having a list of exactly what is being repaired helps you to ensure that all the repairs are being made. It also helps if the body repair shop finds additional damage and wants to bill you more, as you can clearly see on your estimate what work was accounted for and what work was not accounted for. 

What Brand of Replacement Parts That Are Being Used

Another important factor that should be included on your estimate is what brand of replacement parts are being used when doing car body repair. You want to find out whether they are using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or whether they are using aftermarket parts. OEM parts are more expensive but help to maintain the value of your car. Aftermarket parts are cheaper, but they may not last as long as OEM parts.

How Many Hours They Are Estimating for Labor

Lastly, the estimate from a car body repair shop should list how many hours the company is estimating for labor. As you compare estimates, you may notice one estimate may be lower than the others. In some cases, car body repair shops may underestimate how long the repairs will take. Their estimate may be low, but their final price may not be when they add in the actual labor. Be wary of shops that have lower labor estimates than the other estimates you received. 

If you have been involved in a collision, obtaining estimates from a few car body repair shops can help you see what work needs to be completed, how long they are estimating the labor to take, and what type of replacement parts they are planning on using. All of this helps you to make a final decision as to what car body repair shop is best to take your vehicle to after a collision.