Automobile Dent Removal: 3 Effective Tactics

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Automobile Dent Removal: 3 Effective Tactics

24 June 2016
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Automobile dents have a way of happening to all drivers, regardless of how cautious a driver they happen to be. Fortunately, you may not need to involve the services of a professional body shop to eliminate a dent. If you would like to learn more about tackling this common problem on your own, read on. This article will introduce three tactics for getting rid of that dent.

Suction the dent out using a plunger.

The common plunger is as useful a tool as it is humble. Not only does it help to clear up clogged drains, but it can also be used to remove dents from the exterior of your car. Not just any plunger will work, however. You want to specifically use a sink plunger. These are distinguished from toilet plungers by the fact they don't contain a flange, or rubber lip. The presence of a flange will prevent your plunger from gripping the car as strongly.

Using the plunger to remove your dent is a pretty straightforward task. Press your plunger against the dent so as to form a tight seal, then pull out gently. If you can't get the plunger to stick well enough, spray a little water on the dent and try again.

Loosen the dent up using boiling water.

If the exterior of your car consists of either fiberglass or plastic, and if you can physically reach the inside of the dent, then you may be able to solve your problem with little more than a kettle of boiling water. Enlist a helper to pour out the hot water on top of the dent. Meanwhile, reach your hand around to the inside and apply pressure to the back of the dent.

The water's heat should act to increase the flexibility of the exterior. As a result, you should find it easy to pop back into it's proper shape. Be sure to act quickly; the dented material will become harder and harder to pop out as the water's heat dissipates.

Pop the dent out with a hair dryer and a can of compressed air.

This is an effective tactic for those who are unable to reach the inside of their dent. The idea here is that first you use your hair dryer to heat the area around the dent. Be sure not to leave the hair dryer pointed at any one place for too long, as this can potentially cause damage to your car's paint job.

The compressed air only comes into play once you've heated the dent thoroughly. While the exterior is still hot, hold the can of air upside down and blast the dent with cold air. Ideally, the rapid change in temperature should cause the dent to pop back into place all on its own!

If you have dents that you can't remove on your own, contact a company like Custom Kar Tops for assistance.