Discuss These Three Subjects When You're Talking To A Collision Repair Shop

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Discuss These Three Subjects When You're Talking To A Collision Repair Shop

8 February 2016
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After your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, your first priority is to deal with your insurance company. Once this necessity is completed, it's time to start looking for an auto shop that can handle the repair work. Your insurance company will often have some recommendations of certified shops in your city, so it's useful to call or visit each of the locations, talk to a shop employee and decide which will be best suited to handle your repair needs. Insurance companies won't recommend shops that aren't licensed, so you don't have to worry about confirming this detail. Instead, make sure that you discuss the following three subjects to help you choose the best shop.

Make/Model Specialist

It's often ideal to confirm that the mechanics at the repair shop are trained to work on your make and model of vehicle, especially if it's somewhat uncommon. You should ask the shop representative if the mechanics have received training from the vehicle manufacturer and, if so, how recently. Leading auto manufacturers are constantly training mechanics from shops around the country to work on their vehicles properly. Knowing that the shop's employees possess this advanced training can make you feel confident that you're picking the right shop that will get the repair job done to your satisfaction.

Firm Timelines

Although unexpected delays can always slow down a repair job, it's ideal to find a shop that will provide you with a clear timeline -- in writing -- to suggest when the job will be done. Don't simply accept a rough prediction that it could be a few weeks, for example. Reputable shops will provide their customers with a work estimate that explains each of the elements of the job that are necessary and how long they'll take to get finished.

Replacement Vehicle Rental

Given that your vehicle will be in the auto shop for a period of days or weeks, you'll need an alternative method of transportation. It's ideal to see if any of the shops that you're considering have a vehicle-rental service in the same location. Many shops provide this benefit, which saves the customer from having to drop off his or her damaged vehicle and then arrange for a drive to a rental facility from a family member. It's ideal to simply drop off your vehicle and browse the available rental vehicles to find out that suits your size requirements.

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