How To Ensure High Quality Auto Body Repair

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How To Ensure High Quality Auto Body Repair

22 July 2015
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Almost everyone who drives a car will experience some kind of automobile accident within their lifetimes. In fact, insurance companies estimate that you will experience some sort of accident about once every 18 years. Many of these might just be a little fender bender, a parking lot accident, or something very minor. However, even a minor car accident can cause a lot of damage to the body of a car that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. This is why it is so important to have a good auto body repair shop that can properly take care of any problems your car has. But how can you tell if the auto body repair shop is a good choice? Below are some ways to ensure you are getting the best quality service for your repairs.

  1. Proper Training. The auto industry changes every year with new technology and designs. One of the most important qualities for an auto body service shop to have is that they have proper training and qualifications. There are many different kinds of training and certification programs that will allow mechanics and repairmen to have the proper training needed. ASE certification, PPG certification, and other training programs are a good indicator that the auto body repair shop is properly trained and qualified.

  2. Warranty. Before you decide to go with an auto body shop, you will want to make sure that a warranty is included that will cover the work that they do. For example, if a bumper is replaced and the bumper falls of 3 months later, will they fix the problem for free or are you out of luck? At the minimum, a 1 year warranty should be offered. Many companies will even include lifetime warranties on the work. A good auto body repair shop will stand by their work by providing these warranties.

  3. Word of Mouth. When it comes to choosing a good repair shop, sometimes the best way to find a good one is to ask around. A trusted friend or family member that goes to a good shop will be able to give you good recommendations. If you tell the auto body shop that you were referred to them by a loyal customer, they will also be more likely to treat you right.

These are just a few of the things that you need to consider when you are trying to find a good auto body repair shop. By finding a good shop for auto body collision repair services, you will get your car back on the road and looking as good as new.